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For some reason that is completely unknown to me....I can't seem to install the Battle Mod on the live site now.  I'll look into it tomorrow.  We'll have it up and running as soon as I can do it.

Good News/Bad News

First the Bad News

I'm 95% sure I won't be installing THIS Battle Mod.

Good News

Someone has been working on a Battle Mod that makes the one we tested look like utter crap.  Hopefully we'll have it soon.

Interesting. I wonder how this one is going to be?


--- Quote from: Reaper on February 28, 2012, 04:30:53 PM ---Interesting. I wonder how this one is going to be?

--- End quote ---

Here are the updates I've read.....

June 21 2011

As of now, you can explore the area to engage in fights and events that develop the story further, or jump in the gauntlet to fight increasingly tougher enemies. there is also an Inn to heal at, a section to upgrade your stats, a special section for specific boss fights that you can unlock in explore mode, and a stats board to track what you've done during fights against other players. Also, there is a large inventory in the shop and hidden shops with increasingly better items can be found in explore mode.

Skills and abilities are in the works, and Magic and Items can be used in combat, as well as PvP.

August 18 2011

UPDATE: Explore mode has been cleaned up and worked on, now featuring life bars, map of the area, and arrows instead of text links where applicable.

Also, a Challenge mode has been completed, allowing members to challenge each other at any time in any place. challenging a member sends them a PM, in which they can accept the duel to open a thread automatically in the arena. It will choose which fighter goes first and then members can fight each other.

And finally for now, a "Sell" feature has been created for the SMFshop, allowing members to sell back their purchased goods for half of the value that was paid for it, and a "Forge" feature has been made, allowing members to combine items into more powerful or more useful ones.

February 3 2012

My next idea is to make an Admin section that lets you input a few basic things (Dialogue on the screen, which directions you can move in, the area's location, events, etc.) and then have it generate a map square for that specific input, allowing a person to create an entire map complete with encounters, events and whatnot in a relatively shorter time.

The mod still hasn't been released...but I'm hoping it will be soon.  I don't want to install the other Battle Mod and then have this one be bigger and better.  Then we would lose what we had in the other one if we were to install this one.  So...I'd rather just wait it out a little longer.

I see that something in the main menu has changed with the forums. Looks very cool. I cannot wait to see all of the changes that happen and take place here.


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